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For Underwriters and Title Insurers

Our Managed Disbursement solution meets the current needs of the title insurance industry by offering title underwriters the following:

  • For-Underwriters-and-Title-InsurersRisk mitigation. Our Safe Escrow service and proprietary technology greatly reduces the risk of escrow manipulation and theft by the title agents. We offer title underwriters the ability to audit balanced escrow accounts daily, weekly or in any customized fashion, and we assist agents with ALTA Best Practices compliance, thereby helping agents to stay in business.
  • Cost Shifting. The Safe Escrow Solution converts the expense of managing the process from fixed to variable, giving both title underwriters and agents more flexibility.
  • Reduced Audit Costs and Increased Audit Coverage. Safe Escrow gives title underwriters the ability to perform desk audits of individual agent activity via a secure web-based system and perform centralized audits thereby avoiding the costs of auditing individual agents. Additionally, underwriters can quickly identify problem areas and focus audit resources on files and agents with the most potential for problems. Our system also allows for the establishment of approved “permissions” and “notifications,” which then provides input on that particular agent’s activity.
  • Secure Transactions. Safe Escrow offers the benefit of a reputable company and assurance of the appropriate high limit cyber, crime, and dishonesty bonds.

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