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Why manage your own escrow account when you can use ours?

More Control, Fewer Headaches

  • Print checks locally and execute funding from anywhere
  • Eliminate costs and risks of escrow accounts
  • Post funding, Escheatment and regulatory audits all done for you

Safety of Funds

  • Payee authentication to protect against wire fraud
  • Validation of payoff accounts prior to releasing wires
  • Industry-leading security and SOC 2, Type II certified controls

One Fee per Closed Transaction

  • $0 costs to get started
  • $0 monthly fees
  • $0 wire or bank fees

Control structure and security driven by proprietary software technology.

Managing escrow funding is complex, challenging, and costly, involving multiple regulations and risk at every step. Imagine a new way to fund that uses technology, expertise and a proven process to provide you with peace of mind.

Our Solutions


  • “The Safe Escrow system has prevented wire fraud and saved North American Title Insurance Company agents thousands of dollars in losses by providing a secure platform to access disbursement services within their network.”

    Michael Holden, Vice President Strategy, North American Title Insurance Company
  • “Safe Escrow has afforded our agencies the freedom and flexibility from reconciliation headaches while reducing risk to themselves and us, the underwriter.”

    Meg Mullaney, State Agency Manager (NY/NJ), North American Title Insurance Company
  • Safe Escrow takes the liability out of managing escrow funds and makes Best Practice compliance easy. We have the benefit of a complete segregation of duties at a fraction of what it would cost us to build internally. We benefit from their experience and responsiveness in ways that our competitors will only envy.

    Joel Holstad, COO, Title Department, National Title Resources
  • “I save money with Safe Escrow. My ‘all in’ cost is $100 for each closed transaction, which is a lot less than my old escrow process. I also save time; Safe Escrow’s service simplifies escrow management.”

    Erika Weichel, Owner Michigan Investment Title
  • “I’ve heard about the increasing instances of thefts of escrow funds. I worry that I could be targeted next. Safe Escrow gives me confidence that my funds are secure, and relieves me of that burden.”

    Joyce Lombardo- Owner, Fast Tract Title
  • “Partnering with Safe Escrow has allowed us to show that we offer a reliable, quality service with the highest level of protection to our clients. As a result, more realtors, attorneys and lenders are recommending us to their clients and our business is growing rapidly while we are operating more efficiently than ever!”

    Gregory T. Goins, Vice President, Our Town Title & Settlement Services
  • “I’ve always been confident in the SafeEscrow service model but my tipping point was the experience and diligence of the leadership team behind the process.”

    Ronald E. Frederick, President, Core Service Partners
  • “Safe Escrow allows me to retain control of the disbursement process in areas that are important to me—like printing specific types of checks or making last minute changes. I also get peace of mind by effectively reducing my risk while maintaining compliance. It’s the best of both worlds.”

    Hope Kahn, Owner of The Closing Table of Florida.