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Our Advantage

Our-AdvantageOur system and technology permits title agents to remain in compliance with ALTA Best Practices, without giving up control of their workflow. In fact, when Safe Escrow manages disbursements, agents are protected from many of the risks inherent in the funding process.

There are companies that will reconcile, there are companies that provide software platforms, and there are companies that manage an agent’s internal escrow account. Safe Escrow provides a complete outsourced solution for Escrow Management and Disbursement, with the added benefit of a reduction of an agent’s escrow risk.

Additional Safe Escrow advantages include:

  • Title agents maintain control over the borrower relationship and closing process
  • Treasury-based controls that are continually audited
  • Assurances that good funds are in fact “cleared” so that agent exposure is eliminated
  • Removing responsibility of funds disbursement from the agent, which reduces the risk of escrow misappropriation
  • Independent management of funds disbursement providing consistent and auditable financial management
  • Reduced internal costs incurred by title agents, which allows disbursement fees to be represented on the HUD

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