Affordable, Secure & Compliant

Safe Escrow’s systemic control structure and expertise are like a Fortune 500 Accounting Department at your disposal. Spend your time growing your business.

Affordable: One low fee per closed transaction. No startup fees, wire fees, or bank fees.

Secure: Safe Escrow’s best-of-breed technology and service platform provides a SOC 2 Type II independently certified funding process that protects your customers’ money and information.

Compliant: Safe Escrow’s funding process exceeds all underwriter and state requirements and guidelines. We are independently certified for ALTA Best Practices Tiers 2 & 3. We take care of your bank reconciliations, your post-closing outstanding check responsibilities, and state escheatment requirements.

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Focus on your customers and growing your business

  • Pay only on closed transactions. Minimize your funding costs into one low fee per closed transaction. No disbursement = NO  FEE.
  • You remain in control.  Print checks and release funds from anywhere using our proprietary technology. Eliminate the cost and risk of owning and operating your own escrow account.
  • Manage fraud risks. SafeValidation™ authenticates your customer’s wire information and also verifies that the payoff account is valid, guarding against wire fraud.
  • Safe Escrow is web-based. No required software installs. At each login you are accessing the latest and fully-compliant version of the software.
  • Close, fund & be done. Safe Escrow’s expert team of specialists will follow up on outstanding checks, handle post disbursement refunds, supply bank reconciliations to you, your underwriter and state regulators, if required, and complete escheatment per state guidelines. All are included in your one, low per-closed transaction fee.

Hear what our customers have to say

“I’ve heard about the increasing instances of thefts of escrow funds. I worry that I could be targeted next. Safe Escrow gives me confidence that my funds are secure, and relieves me of that burden.”

Joyce Lombardo, Owner of Fast Tract Title


“Safe Escrow allows me to retain control where I need it– like printing local checks or making last minute changes; however, I’m still able to effectively manage risk and maintain com pliance.It’s the best of both worlds.”

Erika Weichel, President, Michigan Investment Title

“I save money with Safe Escrow. My ‘all in’ cost is $100 for each closed transaction, which is a lot less than my old escrow process. I also save time; Safe Escrow’s service simplifies escrow management.”

Hope Khan, Owner of The Closing Table of Florida

“The Safe Escrow™ system has prevented wire fraud and saved North American Title Insurance Company agents thousands of dollars in losses by providing a secure platform to access disbursement services within their network.”

Michael Holden, Vice President Strategic Agency Manager, NATIC

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