Are your escrow accounts secure?

You’ve been hearing a lot about it: cybercrime is at an all-time high. Every other week a title agent is victimized by cyber fraud or theft. It is running rampant in the title, mortgage and real estate industry.

Consider these stats: 

Do you have he expertise to keep up with managing cyber fraud? Two-thirds of title agents believe that not enough is being done to protect escrow funds. Stop putting your reputation on the line and leaving your company at risk. Rest easy knowing your customers’ funds are safe, secure and protected with SafeValidation™ from Safe Escrow.

SOC 2 Type II Certification

We work hard to obtain an annual SOC2 Type II certification to insure our processes systemically and manually enforce control and best practice standards.

“I frequently hear stories of thefts of escrow funds. I worry that I could be targeted next. Safe Escrow and SafeValidation™ give me confidence that my customer's funds are secure and are being sent to the right payee.”
-Joyce Lombardo, Fast Tract Title

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Protect your customer’s funds with SafeValidation™

Payee Account Authentication

Authenticating your wire instructions in real-time

When wiring proceeds to sellers and borrowers, Payee Account Authentication deploys proprietary technology to protect against errors, phishing scams and other attempts at cyber theft. Through a series of verification & authentication steps, SafeValidation™ verifies that:

  • The account and routing numbers belong to a valid and open United States bank account.
  • The account number is owned by the payee through real time authentication against bank records.

Payoff Account Validation

Payoff accounts validated

Ensure that payoff funds are not directed to an erroneous bank account with Payoff Account Validation. Whenever Safe Escrow executes a payoff wire, we systemically compare the wire information against validated payoff account information present in our database. If no match is found, we systemically prevent funding, pending review and corroboration.

Maximum Security. Minimal Cost.

With SafeValidation™, you can rest easy knowing that your customers’ money is safe, secure and protected against cyber theft and misappropriation. Learn more about how Safe Escrow can protect your business and schedule a demo today.

SafeValidation™ is a feature of Safe Escrow. You get SafeValidation™ when you use Safe Escrow through PCN Network.

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