Hope Khan – The Closing Table of Florida

“Safe Escrow is like having a professional funding department at your disposal. I can focus on growing my business.”

About: Hope Khan decided to open her own title agency in 2016 after being part of the real estate industry since 1989. She hired two employees in the Miami area and looked for an underwriter.

Challenge:  Besides trying to start and grow a new business, Hope was unable to find an underwriter who would approve her as an agent with her own escrow account – especially given that Miami has among the highest escrow fraud rates in the United States.

Solution: NATIC offered Hope an agency relationship but required her to work with Safe Escrow. The Closing Table of Florida rolled out with Safe Escrow at its launch and Hope quickly realized the benefits of using Safe Escrow. She adds “Safe Escrow is like having a professional funding department at my disposal; it allows me to focus on growing my business.”   

Results: With the peace of mind of Safe Escrow, Hope can dedicate as much as 20-25% of her time to customer-facing and marketing activities.

She notes “the $100 per closed transaction is the best investment in the world. In addition to peace of mind and compliance, I save myself the expenses of hiring new employees as well as bank and check fees.”

Hope is aware of 3 colleagues in Florida who have been defrauded by email scams.  And Hope herself was victimized by an employee who altered a check and attempted to negotiate it. Fortunately for Hope, Safe Escrow detected the check was altered and prevented the check from being cashed. 

Imagine a new way to fund.

Learn how Safe Escrow eliminates the burden of managing your own escrow accounts.