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Learning Center

The Safe Escrow website has embedded demos, tutorials, and videos, which document every process the Title Agent, Underwriter and Lender will experience as they utilize the Safe Escrow system. Once a user is invited and enters the Safe Escrow system, they are directed to the initial tutorials which will instruct them in setting up their account and adding associates.

While the Safe Escrow process is very user friendly, we want to ensure that each user’s experience is easy and efficient. Accordingly, the tutorials and videos are available as a refresher of frequently encountered issues as well as a learning aid to assist with the more unusual issues a client may encounter while using our system.

Additionally, all participants in Safe Escrow have access to Customer Service Representatives that are available to respond to all time critical questions and to assist in problem solving to ensure that every transaction is funded in a timely manner.

If you would like more information about Safe Escrow or would like to become a user today, please contact us by phone at 412-444-1564 or via email at sales@pcnsafeescrow.com.