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Safe Escrow: Collaborative Funding

You retain control, we handle the complexity.

Safe Escrow provides Title Agents with a collaborative service and technology platform, in which you track and participate in the funding process from beginning to end. You are able to make last minute changes at the closing table, you retain the ability to cut checks to be distributed to your customers, and you have visibility over the entire funding process.


Escape the burden of escrow management.

Managing your own escrow account is onerous, and your time is better spent elsewhere. For one all-inclusive fee per transaction, Safe Escrow removes the difficulties associated with owning escrow accounts and provides you with a competitive business advantage.  You are free do what you do best: growing your business, and providing exceptional customer service.


One Fee per Closed Transaction

  • $0 to get started
  • $0 wire fees
  • $0 bank fees

The Safe Escrow Platform

Safe Escrow Overview from Safe Escrow on Vimeo.

Security isn’t a feature, it’s our foundation.

Sleep well at night knowing your customers’ funds and personal information are safe and secure, thanks to Safe Escrow’s best in breed service and technology platform. Included in your Safe Escrow service is SafeValidation™, which protects against cyber theft and misappropriation of outbound funds.

We maintain strict segregation of duties through our permission based system, which systemically enforces best practice controls. Our funding system does not permit manual overrides.

Compliant and secure.

We developed our “Managed Disbursement” model with the goal of providing a safe, secure and simple platform for the disbursement of escrow funds for use by title agents, with oversight and review by title insurance underwriters. Our proprietary Safe Escrow technology is designed to provide regulatory compliance, as well as give lenders the assurance that closing funds are safe and secure.


Independently Certified

Loved, used and recommended by hundreds.

“I’ve heard about the increasing instances of thefts of escrow funds. I worry that I could be targeted next,” said Joyce Lombardo, owner of Fast Tract Title. “Safe Escrow gives me confidence that my funds are secure, and relieves me of that burden.”

“Safe Escrow allows me to retain control where I need it– like printing local checks or making last minute changes; however, I’m still able to effectively manage risk and maintain compliance,’ said Erika Weichel from Michigan Investment Title. “It’s the best of both worlds.”

“I save money with Safe Escrow. My ‘all in’ cost is $100 for each closed transaction, which is a lot less than my old escrow process,” said Hope Kahn, owner of The Closing Table of Florida. “I also save time; Safe Escrow’s service simplifies escrow management.”

“The Safe Escrow™ system has prevented wire fraud and saved North American Title Insurance Company agents thousands of dollars in losses by providing a secure platform to access disbursement services within their network.” – Michael Holden, Vice President Strategic Agency Manager, NATIC

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