Message from the CEO

Welcome to Safe Escrow.

Safe Escrow was created as a result of the many changes we have witnessed in recent years.   Security of escrow funds is of paramount importance to all parties involved:  realtors, title agents, buyers and sellers, title underwriters and lenders.  All are stakeholders.  It is clear that the digital age has introduced new risks of cyber fraud that make managing escrow funds even more challenging.

Safe Escrow offers a secure, affordable and fully compliant solution for title agents.  By centrally managing the process we can ensure that every agent benefits from best-of-breed internal controls, banking tools and funding processes while allowing the agent to be the final authorization of any disbursement.  Our easy to use proprietary technology incorporates smart technology features like SafeValidation™ which can manage many types of digital fraud.

Give us a try.  You will be glad you did.

Pritam Advani


Imagine a new way to fund.

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