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Title Agents

  • Worry about operating and reconciling an escrow account, and incurring wire and bank fees
  • Pay auditors to certify you are funding according to ALTA guidelines
  • Spend your time and staff’s resources reviewing your funded transactions and reconciliations with underwriter auditors
  • Pay computer and cyber security experts to protect your customers’ money from fraud
  • Worry that the wire instructions you receive may be invalid
  • Track and process outstanding check notifications
  • Process and issue post funding tax refunds, recording refunds, and other items to be refunded to your customer
  • Track and process funds for escheatment, per state guidelines
  • Pay higher E&O rates because you own an escrow account

Imagine a new way to fund, in which superior control structure, service, and technology allows you to:

  • Make last minute changes to the closing numbers
  • Cut checks for closing anywhere
  • Gain a competitive advantage by spending more time providing unparalleled service to real estate agents, lenders and other customers

Safe Escrow places a team of experts at your disposal. We give you peace of mind, confidence, and control.


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